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Financial Affiliates FAQs

Getting Started: Getting the Ad Code & Setting Up Your First Campaign

  1. Login

  2. Click on "Campaigns"

    (If you have already set-up the Campaign you want then go to Step 4).

    FAQ: Getting the Ad Code

  3. Create a New Campaign

    Before you get your first advert or link you need to "Create a New Campaign".

    a) Enter a new "Campaign Name" as per the screenshot below.

    Hint: use your domain name e.g. This makes it easier to read your stats and it make it easier for affiliates with multiple websites (see below).

    FAQ: Getting the Ad Code: Create a New Campaign

    b) Leave the "Campaign Type" as "Trader Campaign". This is set for campaigns for individual investors.

    Only switch "Campaign Type" to "Sub Affiliate Campaign" if you want to refer Sub Affiliates (these use different referral links and landing pages).

    c) Leave the "Commission Type" as per the current setting (the setting for your affiliate account)

    d) Click "Add"

    You have now set up a Campaign and this will be shown in the table below, e.g.:

    FAQ: Getting the Ad Code: New Campaign

    Hint: If you are running multiple affiliate websites, just set up a new Campaign for each of your websites.

    Again, use your domain names e.g.,, for each different Campaign Name.

    This will keep your statistics separate so you can compare the performance of your different websites from your affiliate account.

  4. Click "Launch the Adserver"

    To get the advert code, for the Campaign you have just set up, click "Launch Ad Server" (button shown in the above screenshot).

  5. Select the Advert Type You Want

    You are now shown a number tabs (in the green boxes in the screenshot below):

    a) For logos click "Image"
    b) For adverts click "HTML5"
    c) For text links click "Text"

    FAQ: Getting the Ad Code: Launch the Adserver

  6. Copy the Code

    To get the code for the relevant advert, text link or logo:

    a) Click "HTML Code" or "JavaScript Code" (red box in the above screenshot).

    Note, with HTML5 adverts and there is only a "JavaScript Code" option.

    b) Copy the code highlighted in blue as per the screenshot below.

    FAQ: Getting the Ad Code: Copy the Code

  7. Use the Code

    The copied code can now be added to your website.

    (for a quick test. And to check cookies with your Affiliate ID are being dropped, see cookie testing{})

  8. Raw Text Links (for Advanced Coders)

    We recommend that affiliates use the text links given via the ad server, see steps 4-7 above.

    However, affiliates who are experienced coders can also get a text link, as per the screenshot below, i.e.:

    a) Click the "Text" tab

    b) Click "View"

    c) On the pop-up, click "HTML Source"

    d) Inside the code you will see a text link which you can use, e.g.


    Do not alter this link or the IDs. You may break the redirection and / or your affiliate ID.

    The ID in these links are not the same as your affiliate ID (or AffID), (your AffID is picked up in the redirection in conjunction with the Campaign ID.)

    e) If you are not sure how to do this, please contact us, we can check your link and/or give you a correct link.

    FAQ: Getting the Ad Code: Raw Text Link

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Risk Warning -

Spread betting and CFD trading are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk to your capital. You can lose more than your initial deposit so you should ensure spread betting, CFD trading meet your investment objectives and, if necessary, seek independent advice.

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