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25% Rebate Bonus

FinancialAffiliates - Program Updates

Affiliate Program Update: 4 Jan 2017

  1. New Client Offer

    There's a new 25% rebate offer. For details please see our spread betting, CFD and forex offers page.

  2. New CFDs and Commodities Landing Pages

    The default landing page is for 'spread betting' and there is already a 'forex' landing page for forex affiliates.

    To help conversion rates for affiliates focused on CFDs or commodities we have created bespoke landing pages for both areas.

    To get text links which land on these pages via the adserver, just pick links and ads in the 'CFDs' or 'commodities' categories.

    If you have a site covering multiple areas then you can use multiple links e.g. forex links for your forex pages and commodities links for your commodities traffic.

  3. New Responsive Affiliate Area

    When you log into, your affiliate account and reports are now on responsive pages, i.e. it's now much easier to check your affiliate stats on your mobile.
Financial Affiliate Program Improvements

Reminder re: Mobile Traffic... The Application Pages are Mobile Friendly

Don't forget we are mobile-traffic-friendly.

Naturally is designed to be quick and responsive so it works well on mobile phones.

Importantly for affiliates, the Live Account application page and Demo Account application pages are also responsive. I.e. it's easy for users to apply via their mobile.

Quick Guide to Getting Your Ads and Links

Affiliate Program Update: 13 Oct 2016

There is now a simple guide to getting the HTML5 (mobile compatible) Ads and Text Links.

Please see: Guide to Getting Your Ads and Links

New Forex Focussed Landing Page Now Live

Affiliate Program Update: 13 Oct 2016

Affiliates have been requesting a more forex focused landing page (addition to the normal landing page).

This is now live.

You can get text links and HTML5 ads which land on forex page via the adserver (just pick links and ads in the 'Forex' category).

Spread Betting Platforms

Also see:

Risk Warning -

Spread betting and CFD trading are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk to your capital. You can lose more than your initial deposit so you should ensure spread betting, CFD trading meet your investment objectives and, if necessary, seek independent advice.

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