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Up to £250 ($300) CPA

Welcome to Financial Affiliates, the affiliate programme for

14 Reasons to Promote Financial Spreads

  1. Competitive Payments - we offer competitive and tiered commission schemes:

    1. CPA - earn up to £250 ($300) per qualified account.

      Even on payment tier 1, CPA affiliates can earn £180 ($220) per qualified account.

      Also see CPA details.

    2. Revenue Share - a revenue share option is available to regulated firms. Firms in this commission scheme will earn 20-25% of the spread.

      Also see Revenue Share details.
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  1. Client Offers - there are client offer(s) to help get prospective clients signed-up and active:

    1. Main New Account Offer - 25% rebate on all trades - see Latest Trading Offer

    2. Monthly Trader Rebate - up to 20% each month. Covers spread betting, CFDs and forex - see Monthly Trader Rebate

  2. Tight Spreads - our spreads are competitive e.g.:

    1. Indices: UK 100 and France 40 at 0.8pt and both Wall St and Germany 30 at 1pt
    2. Forex: EUR/USD at 0.7pt, both USD/JPY and EUR/GBP at 0.8pt and GBP/USD at 1pt
    3. Commodities: Brent and US crude oil at 3pt and gold at 4pt

  3. Re-Targeting Users So Affiliates Still Benefit

    When we re-target users referred to Financial Spreads who haven't applied for an account, our cookies don't write over the affiliate cookies.

    This means we are spending money on re-targeting in order to improve conversion rates and affiliates still earn the commission.

    (And if the user has applied for an account, then the cookies become irrelevant and the user is permanently tagged to the referring party).
  1. Online Adverts with a Difference

    We try to produce attention grabbing adverts that work for you and us (and remain on the right side of the regulator).

    See our "The Donald" adverts.
  1. Online Affiliate Stats - via a Financial Spreads affiliate account you can access:

    1. Internet data such as clicks and impressions. This data is available within minutes
    2. Client based data such as new accounts, trades and commission payments. This data is made available overnight
    3. Data for affiliates that run multiple websites - see below for details

  2. Strong Brand - established in 2007 and 'Financial Spreads' is a good quality brand and that helps conversion rates

  3. Trust - regulated by the UK's FCA

  4. Landing Pages - we have a good quality landing pages to help conversions

    These include different landing pages for spread betting, CFDs, forex and commodities focused affiliates.
Affiliate Platform Charts and Stats
  1. Quick and Easy for Affiliates to Apply and Get Started

    1. It is quick and easy to apply to the affiliate programme, click here to apply
    2. Likewise, it is quick and easy to get text links, HTML5 adverts and logos

  2. User-Friendly Trading Platforms

    A user-friendly platform is key to getting your referrals active so that you can earn a commission.

    Financial Spreads offers a user-friendly website and user-friendly mobile and tablet apps.

  3. Mobile-Traffic Friendly Application Pages

    We are mobile-traffic friendly.

    Naturally has been designed to be quick and responsive so it works well on mobile phones and tablets.

    Importantly for affiliates, both the Live Account and Demo (practice) Account application pages are also responsive. This means it's easy for users to apply via their mobile.

  4. Low Payment Threshold of £180 ($220)

    If we owe you £180 ($220) or more then we will make a monthly payment. Anything under £180 ($220) is simply carried over to the next month.

  5. An Affiliate Programme Made by Affiliates

    We come from an affiliate background and have tried to create a fair and balanced scheme.

    We certainly understand many of the irritations affiliates face and have been on the wrong side of poorly run and/or unfair schemes.

    For more details on how we've created a balanced programme, please see below.

An Affiliate Programme Made by Affiliates

We come from an affiliate background and have tried to create a fair and balanced scheme.

We know many of the irritations that affiliates face and have been on the wrong side of poorly run and/or unfair schemes.

We don't offer unfair CPA deals that only pay on a large first deposit or after a client has made 100s of trades.

Likewise, we don't just pay a revenue share on the first year of a client's trading.

Also, as above, there's no need to wait for monthly reports or risk having your cookies written over by another department in Financial Spreads.

We've worked on making sure the programme works for both parties e.g.
Financial Spreads
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Your Promotion of Financial Spreads

Please remember that putting up an advert, tracked text link or content such as a review of Financial Spreads, constitutes a 'Financial Promotion' under the FCA Code of Business.

All Financial Promotions must:

Please ensure you follow the Affiliate Guidelines.

A Polite Request: No Spam, Fraud or Illegal Promotions

Spread betting and CFDs are a highly regulated. Neither the regulator or Financial Spreads will tolerate spam, fraud or any other such illegal activity.

Fraudulent affiliates are normally very obvious and naturally we won't make commission payments on any fraudulent transactions, fraudulent accounts, churning (trading just to generate revenue share or CPA) etc.

Please ensure you follow the legal requirements and the terms and conditions.

Thank you.

The Financial Spreads Affiliate Team

A Polite Request: No Spam, Fraud or Illegal Promotions

Also see:

Risk Warning -

Spread betting and CFD trading are leveraged products which carry a high level of risk to your capital. You can lose more than your initial deposit so you should ensure spread betting, CFD trading meet your investment objectives and, if necessary, seek independent advice.

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